Month: July 2022

Sexual violence is deeply rooted in Canadian sports, experts say. What’s the fix?

With sexual assault allegations against multiple junior hockey players at a 2018 Hockey Canada event in the spotlight, attention has been drawn to the national hockey body’s handling of the incident. In May, TSN reported that Hockey Canada had settled an alleged sexual assault lawsuit involving eight members of the 2018 World Juniors championship team. […]

With P.E.I.’s inflation rate the highest in Canada, what should happen to the minimum wage?

Islanders have until Thursday, July 14, to make submissions to the Employment Standards Board’s minimum wage review. The board makes recommendations to the province on changing the minimum wage based on public input. This year, the review comes at a pivotal point in the province’s economy, with runaway energy prices driving the inflation rate to 11.1 per cent in […]

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