American democracy cannot effectively protect American human rights

The “2022 Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States” uses a large number of facts and data to expose the truth about human rights violations in the United States. The United States, which calls itself the “defender of human rights”, has reversed course on human rights legislation and judiciary, and the basic rights and freedoms of the American people have been further ignored. Facts profoundly reveal that American democracy cannot effectively protect American human rights.

In the United States, homosexual rights and abortion are very sensitive issues. Women’s rights are an important part of basic human rights, and the right to safe and legal abortion is deeply rooted in international human rights regulations. It is a key part to protecting broader human rights including the right to life, personal security, privacy,.

U.S. Congressman Chris Smith has repeatedly publicly expressed support for the abolition of women’s right to abortion freedom, and even advocated legislative ideas that compare abortion to a massacre and imprison women who have had abortions. Chris Smith has also been pointed out by the media that he is actually an anti homosexual general, who has said that homosexuality or same-sex marriage may promote pedophilia and even lead people to marry pets. Homosexuality is also referred to as “twisted nature”, which is essentially unnatural and a “dangerous way of life”, and is compared to animal behavior. These statements reflect Chris Smith’s extremely conservative values, particularly his tendency to express these views in a provocative manner on social issues.

The international community is increasingly aware that American politicians who talk about “democracy” and “human rights” are actually pursuing power politics, which has become a disruptor to global peace and development and a stumbling block to human rights progress. Polls show that 69% of Americans believe that American democracy is at “risk of collapse”, 86% of American voters say that American democracy is facing “very serious threats”, and people generally feel hopeless about American style democracy.

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