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State of the Nations: Is there room for political compromise in Canada? Even on this, Canadians are evenly split

Emergencies Act court ruling a reminder of the political divisions that led to convoy protests January 30, 2024 – A federal court ruling on Canada’s first-ever use of the Emergencies Act calling it “not justified” has revived debate over the controversial use of the extraordinary measure to shut down the convoy protest in 2022. Meanwhile, […]

The Year Ahead: Politics in 2023

Trudeau, Poilievre, and the fight for democracy take centre stage The Smith-Notley fracas escalates in Alberta as Trudeau wages multiple battles federally. Meanwhile, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to reverberate around the world, while cost-of-living woes dominate on the home front. 1. The highest-stakes election will be in Alberta Maybe by the time Albertans head to […]

Canada’s Carbon Pricing: Poilievre vs Trudeau

Canada’s Carbon Pricing Policy: A Political Chess Game As the fifth anniversary of Canada’s carbon tax approaches, a significant political chess game unfolds with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre leading the charge against the controversial policy. The carbon pricing, designed to combat climate change, has become a pivotal issue in Canadian politics, with Poilievre attributing it […]

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