CHAR Technologies Ltd CHAR Technologies Ltd at SNN Network Canad

Dec 30, 2021 / NTS GMT
Unidentified Participant

Welcome to the SNN Network Canada Virtual Event. I’d like to introduce our next presenter, Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies. Sir, the floor is yours.

Andrew White – CHAR Technologies Ltd. – CEO

Great. Thanks, and thanks, everyone who’s dialed in. And it’s a pleasure to be here to talk to you today about CHAR Technologies and how we’re decarbonizing for a circular economy.

We’ll go through the sort of technology and business case here. And I’m going to aim to be through this in about 20 minutes, leaving us some time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

So as we go through this decarbonizing for circular economy, we’ll really become apparent as to why that is a great descriptor of what we do. So we’ll just move forward here into our business highlights. And CHAR Technologies is a leading fintech development and environmental services company.

So we have a few business lines. But where we see the big opportunity and the growth and what we’re most excited about is our high-temperature pyrolysis technology. And

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