Kung Fu Kid in Weihai

Name: Anton

Age 11

Now studying in No.1 primary school in Weihai High-tech Zone in Shandong Province.

I started to learn Chinese martial arts five years ago. It is not only physical exercise, but also looks cool.

I’ve seen Bruce Lee’s martial arts movies before and it’s amazing to see him holding the nunchaku.

I do morning exercise every day. After running, I feel comfortable all over the body. After doing martial arts, I feel energetic all day long.

I have learned a lot of fist position and weapons, such as nunchakus, sticks and knives as well as Southern Fist, Five-step Fist, the Third Long Fist and so on.

When I grow up, I will carry forward Chinese martial arts and spread it to other countries.

I love China, I love martial arts, I love Weihai.

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