What will Canada’s iGaming Industry look like in 10 years?

As a rapidly evolving landscape, the next decade will be an exciting time for Canada’s iGaming industry. With technological advancements and changes to Canada’s gambling legislation, there is huge potential for growth in iGaming and new developments to intrigue the current and incoming generations of gamers.

While there is currently a selection of great internet based casino games available to the residents of Canada, such as online slots Canada, we can expect game choices and features to continue to develop for the better in the years ahead. We take a look at the current landscape, the dominance of mobile gaming, technological advancements and predicted market trends:

The current iGaming landscape in Canada

Before 2022, Canada did not have a strong regulatory framework for iGaming in the country. However, the introduction of iGO helped change this and now enforces regulations specific to iGaming on a provincial and regional basis.

Within just one year of iGO’s creation it has helped to deliver more than $1.4 billion Canadian Dollars in gaming revenue. Casino games are currently the most popular category in iGaming, followed by sports wagering and pay to play poker games. 

What games do Canadia players enjoy?

Canadian players enjoy all of the most well known casino games, from online slots and blackjack to roulette, poker and baccarat. There are many different variants on offer as well as live streamed games on some casino sites. 

Players currently enjoy games on both offshore sites and websites operated within the country. 

Mobile gaming will dominate the next 10 years

Mobile gaming is one of the most popular forms of gaming and has huge potential for growth in the iGaming market. Advancements in smartphone technology is making gaming an even more immersive experience with fewer glitches and better speeds. The introduction of the 5G network has increased internet speeds and made gaming away from home wifi connections quicker and more reliable.

Seeing the huge potential in the mobile gaming market, over the next decade iGaming operators will continue to place importance in investing in mobile friendly platforms and applications. Players on mobile should have access to the same level of quality and seamlessness when gaming on mobile while on-the-go that they experience playing on a computer. 

With better battery life, higher quality displays and better processing power, the smartphones of the future will be optimal for the iGaming experience.

Other technological advancements making waves in the industry

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence has a whole host of possible uses in the gaming world and in the future we will see AI used even more to improve personalization in games. AI and algorithms will be used to analyze player behaviors and offer tailored promotions, content and customized game suggestions to users.

It will also be used in maintaining game integrity, spotting potentially fraudulent activity and ensuring fair play.

AR and VR

Both virtual and augmented reality will be used to enhance the immersive experience iGaming provides. These technologies will be used to help replicate the experience of a land based casino and allow it to be experienced from the comfort of one’s own home.

The social side will also be a focus, the technology will help to enable players to interact as they would if playing in-person at a physical venue.

Market trends for iGaming

There will be increased competition

New regulation is encouraging and enabling more operators to enter the iGaming space, which of course increased competition. Competition helps to drive innovation as iGaming providers are even more motivated to create offerings that allow them to stand out from the crowd and drive users to their site.

More diverse gaming options

New gaming formats are an inevitability as we have seen with the recent rise of the world of esport competitions. Not only will Canadian players have easier access to the current range of online games, market growth will also encourage the development of new types of games to continue to satisfy changing consumer tastes.

Economic benefits

Regulatory changes in the iGaming space are having a positive impact on Canda’s economy. Not only is money raised through taxes, but many new job opportunities are being created for the country’s residents.

It is predicted that by 2031, the iGaming market could create up to 22 million employment opportunities, it will bring in an estimated $4.7 billion in GDP and $2.1 billion in yearly government revenue.

Final thoughts

iGaming has a great future ahead in Canada. Driven by technological advancement and changes to regulations, this industry is evolving at a rapid pace and continues to adapt to  satisfy the needs and preferences of the growing player base.

This article was written in cooperation with TMM

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